The most consistently negligent `parent’ in Connecticut

by sshinkel

The most consistently negligent
`parent’ in Connecticut is the Department of Children and Families,” said
Richard Wexler, executive director of the Virginia-based National Coalition for
Child Protection Reform.

July 2nd, 2010:

There also are longstanding shortages for services involving mental health, substance abuse treatment and dental care, said Ira Lustbader, associate director of Children’s Rights.

DCF promised to resolve those issues two years ago, when Children’s Rights previously notified the agency it was in contempt.

No one from DCF would be interviewed, but the agency said in a prepared statement it has made progress.

they go on to say:

“There can be no dispute that the Department has made major forward strides in improving services for children and families; more children receive services to help them stay safely at home, fewer children are placed into care, more children achieve timely permanency, and fewer children experience repeat maltreatment,” the statement said.

There can be no dispute that the Department has made major forward strides”. Considering they have only met the needs of children 53% of the time in 20 years is not comforting. Imagine what was happening before. This is simply not acceptable. Consider this example: place 12 children in a room including your own, now let a stranger come in and choose which ones dies next and you have no say. An exaggeration of course but it is undeniable that the “system” Fails children more often than not- resulting in ruined lives, some even equivalent to death- especially for those who have had their children removed unjustly and for those who the “system” simply Failed.  Statistics show that DCF and its facilities account for more child abuse and neglect cases than actual  children in their own homes being neglected and abused by their own parents. They are keeping themselves in business! …and because of that Huge unaddressed fact they are essentially creating the problems and that is why they can’t get it under control. They are chasing their own tails and are barking up the wrong tree- they need to pay more attention to preventative services and preserving the family. If the focus were there  and creating healthy, safe homes for the children by addressing family’s issues with as much enthusiasm as they have for removing them; we might just get somewhere.