DCF Preys Upon the Poor – Removes Child From Mother While Breatsfeeding

by sshinkel

There is no legal reason why this 2 day old baby was torn from its mother while breastfeeding. No warrant was presented! We have given them the power to ‘legally’ kidnap children without any legal recourse, without due process of the law! Where are the exigent circumstances? Her past alleged failures? If this is the case then why do we continue to give such power to an agency that has repeatedly proven to FAIL! This is just an example of the Monster We Have Created!

What about the services DCF/CPS should have offered this family to help them remedy their situation. Poverty is NOT necessarily abuse or neglect! Why didn’t they use the appropriated federal funds to help this family get out of a motel room and into decent housing which apparently the only reason they removed their previous child!

Please  join the voice of change- It is LONG OVERDUE!