Reasons Why DCF/CPS Doesn’t Work-

by sshinkel

This is one of the reasons DCF doesn’t work and one of the things that MUST be changed- DCF is given a substantial BONUS per child to streamline adopt them out of the system- There are however no bonuses to preserve the family unit by addressing such issues as poverty, by job training and education and mental health and substance abuse issues by readily available therapeutic services for families. Why not? We give them the incentive to rip families apart. What we need is an incentive to create ‘safe’ homes!
More than 50% of the time DCF will not investigate reports of neglect and/or abuse in state run facilities and foster homes- essentially contributing to the caseload that they claim they can’t keep up with. So what is the solution here? Prevention! Prevention! Prevention! Better background checks into potential foster homes- which should include all 50 states- so they cannot claim that they didn’t know the foster parents were criminals from another state, these children should at least be afforded that! The government gives criminals the opportunity to make money; and has even raised the incentive amount foster parents receive per child, while they exploit children to their perversions- of course, this is not true of all foster parents- but is the exact situation of hundreds of thousands of children in the United States which is simply unacceptable.