Former CPS Worker Admits to Corruption Within CPS and Responsibility of 11 Deaths

by sshinkel

Former CPS worker confesses the corruption  within the system. He explains the bonuses he received to remove innocent children to meet the ‘budget quota’ , how he was paid to falsify statements and lie in court under a fictitious name as to not raise suspicion. He explains how he is trained to target families who are impoverish and cannot afford legal counsel to fight these allegations.

‘”As headhunters, we took a full week long course on how to spot vulnerable families,  how to falsify allegations, how to testify to CPS benefit.”

“As headhunters, we were aware that approximately 50% of children in foster homes are abused, sexually assaulted and mind controlled. We worked for pay and put those statistics to the back of our minds, shoved that knowledge away, knowing we were not the perpetrators of these atrocities.  But the truth is, we put those children in harms way and are just as guilty as the foster parents who abuse these children on an ongoing and daily basis”.

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