Stop Immoral DCF Social Workers From Removing Children From their Homes

by sshinkel

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DCF social workers (responsible for removing children from unfit parents) whose lives; personal or in the workplace reflect a lack of integrity that we believe is required to judge others ‘fitness’ or ‘unfitness’ should be removed from their positions of determine such things.
We believe there should be a higher standard than this; as it would seem, that one who is obviously devoid of moral judgment in his or her own life has no business determining if another person is fit or unfit.
DCF can’t be reformed if we don’t begin to make some necessary changes.
Just a couple of examples of this:
If you ever come under the scrutiny of this Department, which in its’ essence shouldn’t be a ‘feared’ agency, nothing should be scary about protecting children but it is; would you trust that these kinds of people are acting in the best interests of anyone but themselves?
Please take a look at the links this is just one of the things that needs to be addressed- but it is certainly a step in the right direction. If DCF/CPS can dictate to parents how to ‘be parents’ then it is not enough to say “do as I say- not as I do” there should be a ‘Higher” standard for people to judge such things. Please sign the petition if you agree with this! Thanks! 🙂